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General Magic - Fullstack Developer

RemoteSpain, Catalunya [Cataluña], BarcelonaTech

Job description

Who are we at General Magic?

We’re an elite squad of designers, developers, system architects, researchers, writers and seasoned Web3 professionals. Our Mission is to make magic happen! We do this by supporting crypto-philanthropic organizations and communities to reach their full potential, collaborating with them in a diverse range of capacities. We are dedicated to building systems that appreciate the societal value of creation and stewardship of Public Goods, which is currently under-appreciated in our global economy. The source of our magic thrives on the digital winds of the Blockchain4Good universe.

Who are we looking for?

As a Fullstack Developer, you will work on a globally diverse, cross-functional, agile team that experiments often and iterates quickly to deliver projects that users love. You will play an active role in turning our product designs into real-world applications. You should have prior professional experience working across the full stack (preferably with Node JS and React). We need a team member with innovative ideas and effective communication skills to increase value, efficiency, and quality in our organization to ship projects.

To succeed in this role you must:

  • Be someone that uses the right technology for the job (knows when you use a CMS, versus a library, versus coding something from scratch)

  • Extensive experience with Node JS (preferably alongside Next JS)

  • Extensive experience with React JS (preferably alongside Typescript)

  • Be well-versed in devops 

  • Write squeaky clean and maintainable code

  • Enjoy connecting frontend and backend development.

  • Adore end-to-end development and guide the project to completion. Have an intuitively analytical and abstract mind with high organizational skills.

  • Be comfortable with accepting, giving and applying constructive criticism.

  • Excellent communication and teamwork skills; emphasizing accurate listening and compassionate speaking.

  • Maintain a flexible schedule, as our team navigates time zones all over the world.

  • Be fluent in written and verbal English.

  • Maintain confidentiality.

  • Crypto-curious! Crypto experience preferred.

Job requirements


  • Fluent in JavaScript, Databases (NOSQL and SQL), HTML, CSS

  • Preferrred experience with Next JS and Typescript

  • Familiar with authentication methods such as JWT

  • Familiar with RESTful APIs and graphQL.

  • Familiar with Git, GitHub.

  • Familiar with various cms, devops and scaling solutions

You will assist other developers through pair programming and mentoring opportunities to grow the team’s vision. You have a desire to learn and apply new skills as part of your own personal growth and to help the growth of the team and the company.

Preferred Job Requirements

  • 3+ years of professional coding experience

  • An impressive portfolio

  • Ability to review others’ code and give feedback.

  • Good understanding of blockchain concepts particularly Ethereum and DeFi

  • Preferable if you have previous web3 experience working with libraries like web3.js or ethers.js

  • Familiar with CI/CD concepts.

Pay and Perks

  • Competitive salary, with higher salary available for those with corporate experience.

  • Freedom of a flexible work schedule.

  • Work in the remote location of your choice

  • Crypto payment.

  • Additional compensation package of tokens - reap the rewards of what you help create!

  • Flexible vacation time, because personal/work life balance matters.