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Common Stack - Trusted Seed Product Manager

RemoteSpain, Catalunya [Cataluña], BarcelonaPartnerships

Job description

What is the Trusted Seed?

Product Manager for Trusted Seed, a web3 native membership organization involved in Blockchain4Good. We are a reputable network of trusted actors who apply wisdom, expertise and capital to early-stage crypto communities committed to creating regenerative economies for public goods through token engineering and commons governance.

Our ideal candidate will

  • Be active in crypto/web3, have a good understanding of the space.

  • Have experience in developing product vision and strategy.

  • Have experience in growing membership-based organizations.

  • Be autonomous and confident working with ambiguity.

  • Seek to understand membership wants and needs, and keep that feedback loop tight.

  • Be capable of prioritizing the most important features to develop and deliver on time.

  • Promote the Trusted Seed membership.

  • Have excellent written and verbal communications skills.

  • Be fluent in written and verbal English.

Job requirements

The candidate is expected to execute these specific tasks

  • Align with key stakeholders on the product vision.

  • Document and prioritize the membership features/functions to be delivered.

  • Define product roadmap and target dates for deliverables.

  • Design feedback loops for capturing the wants and needs of the membership.

  • Engage the membership
    • Create communications and events to delight them.

    • Get to know them, understand what projects they are working on.

  • Work closely with colleagues in different teams like communication, design, development, and marketing and be a connector between members.

  • Create more value for the membership.

  • Develop robust CRM to maximize our touch points with memberships and how we can best serve them.

  • Develop ways to promote the membership and measure success of promotion campaigns.

  • Keep stakeholders informed and updated.

Payment and Perks

  • Crypto payment in DAI, a stablecoin.

  • Freedom of a flexible work schedule.

  • Work in the remote location of your choice; ideally between Europe, North America, and South America.

  • Flexible vacation time.

*Position may not be finalized until mid September